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2024: What's New?

To meet demands and focus on our specialties we've decided to limit our services to Irrigation, Landscape Lighting, and Aerating/Seeding. Irrigation and Aerating/Seeding services will be focused on but not exclusive to customers who sign contracts pre-season. If you have questions or are interested in signing up for any of these three services, more information can be found under the "Services" page.  

Switching to contracts will allow us to handle increase in demand for the aforementioned services and offer our customers easier scheduling. Overall this will reduce headaches caused by last minute work requests or having to remember to get your irrigation winterized, for example.

Our sincerest apologies go out to all of our loyal customers that have been coming to us for grass mowing, planting, mulching, and the many other services that we've offered over the past years. Depending on how this year goes, we may bring back some of those services eventually but for 2024 we are putting all of our efforts toward the three services listed above. Thank you for using Bayard's Landscapes, we hope to see you again.