At Bayard Landscapes, we believe that a mulched garden is a happy garden! The benefits of mulching are nearly endless, from improving the color of garden plants to stamping out weeds, keeping moisture locked into a garden’s soil, and much more. Mulching can be especially beneficial to new, young plants such as saplings and freshly-planted shrubs that need a boost of nutrients to grow properly early on in their lifecycle.

Generally, the mulching process involves a survey of the garden, where weeds, debris, and any grass or turf are cleared away to make a clear foundation to lay the mulch. Then, the mulch is spread in an even, 2-to-6-inch layer depending on the surrounding area’s level of moisture retention and sun exposure.

The landscaping professionals at Bayard are guaranteed to perform only the highest-quality mulching jobs, surveying the garden space at your home or business and selecting the right mulching materials suited to the needs of your plants and garden.