Back-Flow Testing

Back-flow occurs when water flowing from a clean water source begins to reverse direction, dragging harmful contaminants and unclean water into a water supply. When contaminated water enters our water supply, it poses a number of risks that can be severely detrimental to human health. In many Virginia counties, back-flow prevention devices are mandatory for most commercial properties and required or highly recommended for residential properties.

It is recommended to test back-flow systems annually to ensure that all systems are operating correctly and that the risk of contamination from unclean water sources is eliminated. The certified professionals at Bayard Landscapes are trained and licensed to perform back-flow testing for commercial and residential properties, ensuring proper safety precautions are in place to prevent harmful back-flow. We can also install and maintain back-flow prevention devices on properties lacking these units. Contact us today for an estimate on back-flow testing, installation, or maintenance services.