Aeration and Over-Seeding

Our aeration process eliminates the issue of soil compaction by perforating the surface of a yard with small, uniform holes. This process opens up the soil in a yard, allowing for more water and nutrients to penetrate the surface of the land. Regular aeration can greatly improve the health and quality of your lawn’s soil and turf, increasing the lawn’s vitality and benefitting the overall look of your home with green, healthy grass.

We offer over-seeding services in addition to aeration to further enhance the vitality of your lawn. Over-seeding fills in the bare spots of dirt in a lawn, creating a more dense-looking, colorful turf. Grass seeds are scattered across a lawn, mixing in with old turf and allowing for new growth.

Many customers see success in the combination of these two processes, which together can boost the health of a lawn as well as offer aesthetic improvement through lush new turf. Contact our landscaping experts today for a free quote on aeration and over-seeding services.